Poms, Movie Review

What a delight the movie Poms was. I went along with my daughter and we both thoroughly enjoyed the film. This is a light-hearted, feel-good film about how its never too late to take up new experiences or find new friendships.

There were some great characters written for the cast, from the lonely Martha ( Diane Keaton) who is keeping secret the fact that she is dying of ovarian cancer, the sexy rebel Sheryl ( Jacki Weaver) and downtrodden housewife Alice ( Rhea Perlman) to the ladies of the committee, led by “Southern Belle” Vicki ( Celia Weston).

The storyline follows a group of ladies in a retirement community that come together to start their own cheerleading squad. They find many obstacles in the way, including having their application to start the group being rejected by the committee and the objections of family members who are “concerned” for the welfare of their parents. Despite these obstacles and the fact that they have been publicly ridiculed by their efforts being posted on YouTube, the ladies forge ahead in their attempts to compete in a cheerleading competition.

The way the movie addresses age discrimination by having the squad refused entry to the cheerleading competition in the “18+ age group” for being too old brings the quip “ we are over the age of 18” and brings humour to the way people are defined by their age rather than ability and will have you cheering on the squad of underdogs.

The movie has its moments of sadness where you may want to have a tissue handy, but overall I think you will come out at the end with a smile on your face, and maybe an urge to take up cheerleading!

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I am 57 and work part time in the hospitality industry. I am married with one daughter and three grandchildren.
Outside of work I enjoy music, reading, or watching a good movie, especially with a platter and glass of wine as accompaniment. I really enjoy outdoor concerts or musical theatre.
I love travel of any kind and have recently taken up Glamping.

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